September Fundraising: Why Cops for Cancer?

September Fundraising: Why Cops for Cancer?

May 17, 2018

Our family is very passionate about helping people and we really wanted to tie in helping people and fundraising for causes we care about into our company.

We have been active supporters of the Canadian Cancer Society Cops For Cancer bike ride since 2011. It all started when I signed up for the Miss BC pageant. A goal for the pageant was to raise money for Cops For Cancer to support paediatric cancer research and to help send children to Camp Goodtimes. It was my goal to raise the most amount money because I was passionate about finding a cure for cancer and sending these kids to camp, where they can forget about being sick and have fun!

In a month I raised over $7000 for Cops for Cancer and ultimately won the title of "Miss Charity BC" at the pageant. I also made top 12 to become Miss BC. That was only the beginning of my Cops for Cancer journey.

After winning my title I went on to volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society to help with their Cops for Cancer Gala and ride events. It was amazing meeting all the riders and all the junior riders, and seeing where the money went to. I was so inspired by junior rider and Cops for Cancer ambassador Casey. He made me realize to enjoy each day to its fullest and to stay positive no matter what. You wouldn't have be able to tell he was sick. He told me about camp goodtimes and how it was a place where everyone could go and forget about being sick. A place where they could all be kids again. If he could be positive and joyful while battling cancer, I could be positive and joyful too. He'd always put a smile on my face! As I know now he's cancer free.

Over the last 3 years I've also been involved in Cops for Cancer in my broadcasting career. Broadcasting and attending events, interviewing riders and helping promote the ride and fundraising.

Honestly if you don't know much about the cause or you're not sure about donating to the Canadian Cancer Society Cops for Cancer rides, visit their website and find out about their mission. You won't be disappointed.

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