Our Moccs

What are your moccs made out of?

Mia's Moccs are made out of 100% genuine cow leather. Our leather goes all the way around the shoe including the sole. Our size 5 and 6 come with rubber soles. Our moccs also provide cushy insoles to provide extra comfort and support for your little ones.

Where are your moccs made?

Mia's Moccs is a Canadian company. Each pair of Mia's Moccs are lovingly and ethically handmade by our fabulous team overseas. Mia's Moccs are designed in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

What size should I purchase for my child?

We have a downloadable and printable size chart on our website where you can measure your child's foot to determine size. You can also use a ruler and our measurements on our sizing page.​

How do your moccs stay on?

Mia's Moccs are designed with an elastic opening which makes it easy to put on and take off your child foot. The elastic also helps keep the moccasins on your child's foot - which is the most important thing!

The fringes on my moccs are flipped up, is that normal?

Yes! It is completely normal for the fringes on your moccasins to flip up. The leather for the fringes are very soft and sensitive. To get them back down, give them a twist and they should lay flat again!


Your Orders

Why are your shipping rates so high?

The cost of shipping has gotten quite expensive over the last few years and we try to keep shipping rates as low as we can. We try to keep a flat rate for each province, even though we are taking some money out of our pocket to do so. Each package is sent by Canada Post Expedited Parcel which is insured and comes with a tracking number, so you know where your package is each step of the way. Each package is sent from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Can I change my order before it has shipped?

We suggest measuring your child's foot before purchasing - or if purchasing for a gift, buy the next size up if you're unsure! We cannot change your order once it has been placed!

How can I get my order?

We ship by Canada Post - worldwide. For shipping -you will receive a tracking number!

What about exchanges?

Please measure your child's foot before purchasing a pair of Mia's Moccs, or if you are unsure please buy a size up. We cannot guarantee the same colour in a size bigger or smaller as some colours and sizes could be discontinued or out of stock.

What is your exchange and refund policy?

Please check out the "RETURNS & REFUNDS" policy at the bottom of our website. You also agree to the "RETURNS & REFUNDS" policy before paying for your order! Make sure to have a read before asking for a return or exchange!

Any other questions?

Feel free to email us at hello@miasmoccs.com or use the form on the contact page!


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